Sea aged wine.

Sea ageing wine is using conduction (Surrounded by sea water) rather than Cellar convection (surrounded by air)

Wine tastes better when it has aged. That is agreeable by all wine wine experts. What we have done is to patent a way of

ageing wine in sea water this allows a set temperature constantly around the bottle. And in complete darkness.

The process improves the flavor and taste of the wine plus the body. It also ages 6 times faster than traditional cellar aged

wine. So much so that associates of ours in Nappa Valley CA. Had a blind tasting. And all the "Experts" Chose the sea aged

wine to the normal wine aged by convection in a cellar.  The barnacles do not come on the bottles it illegal. Bottles are cover in plastic bags. 

At this blind tasting session. Sea water aged wine was proven to taste the best

There are two wines we are seawater ageing at the moment. They are both from the Campo Veija vineyard.

On the left above is the acclaimed: "Alcorta Reserva" and equally as grand the "Marques Reserva". Both are year 2012

Ageing in the Seawater should be complete in September 2017. Orders are now being taken. Please email for prices. We will have a monthly supply available from September on a first come first served basis.

You can buy our wines either, sea water aged or cellar aged. Either way they taste great and are a great way to relax once you have put your feet up. Surprise your friends at parties with sea aged wine... Be different.

Here are pictures of our display units.


Each unit is able to hold 240 display bottles with 50 inside the the sea water tank. With the bottles held at the perfect temperature.

This is the way to get your perfect sea water aged wine. Displays can be found in supermarkets

and other retailers.

For details please contact us details below.

Front view. Side view and looking down inside the sea water tank with

sliding doors .