Lots of people know quench.es water from our vending machines. We have for over 15 years been vending bottled water from solar powered vending machines.

However due to demand and to help the environment even further, we are able to vend

both bottles and Tetra Pak eco packaging 500ml water. You choose.!!

Labels from bottles which are sold from the vending machines.


The labels are able to be used as vouchers for money off or discounts from advertisers.


You can see here from these examples that this is an easy way for the purchaser to get information locally about companies offers.


Companies also benefit from having a "MESSAGE ON A BOTTLE"

to bring in more customers.

If you would like your company featured on water bottles please contact us on the numbers below

Its a fantastic way to get your message over and to get new customers.

 Our first vending machines pictured below were only bottle vend machines.

Now as things have advanced they can vend Tera Pak.

This means the machines can vend environment friendly packaged ice cold water. Almost anywhere.!!