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A toothbrush that has water or mouthwash in the handle...

It saves water, money & the environment.

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Patented water or mouthwash filled Bamboo toothbrushes..

Water filled or even mouthwash,

untwist the neck piece and fill

Bamboo. Saves the environment it's sustainable, biodegradable, compostable and naturally antibacterial. It's a

grass not a wood so it doesn't splinter.

Stay Safe. On holiday use bottled water or mouthwash in the the handle. This brush could save you getting ill from brushing your teeth in possible contaminated water.

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It's very easy to use our brush.

In fact you can be almost anywhere. As you don't need a sink or running tap/faucet.

You just twist off the neck piece fill and

that's it, ready to use.

Add toothpaste or gel, place in your mouth and suck. The water flows from the hole just in front of the bristles.

Just 20ml is required to last for 2 minutes of brushing that's 1 handle full..!!!

Save money....

This might annoy your water company

but there is no longer any need to run the tap while brushing your teeth...Using our brush

United utilities in the UK claim: It costs customers £3.20 or every 1,000 Ltrs of water.

This means a household of 4 could save over

£109.00 a year using our Quenches toothbrushes. 

And a  toothbrush rack 


Once you suck on the brush small droplets flow to your mouth. Then suck for more droplets as required...

There is enough water in the handle to brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes.

Let's not ignore the facts:        Plastic toothbrushes emit green house gases.

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Sarah-Jeanne Royer (pictured on a plastic rubbish heap)

University of California, San Diego | UCSD · Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

Sarah has proven that decaying plastic does emit green house gases. That means the toothbrush you are using could be emitting green house gases.


Along with this it is also proven that sea and land creatures die from ingesting discarded plastic toothbrushes.


The world is running out of fresh water...!! Just because it rains doesn't mean you can brush your teeth in it..!!


Our toothbrushes use just 20 ml of water compared to 6000ml ( if you leave a tap running less if you turn on and off) Each time you brush your teeth.

Stay safe on holiday too.... Lots of people become ill brushing teeth with tap water on holiday. If you use mouthwash or bottled water inside the handle of our brush that will prevent this from happening. 

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Did you know... Most EU/UK tap water is good for you. It is certainly safe to brush your teeth with, however leaving the tap running isn't good for you or the environment. 

If you use our brushes you can save around 12-14 litres of water each time you brush.

That's about 24-28 pints of beer..!! or 15 bottles of wine.

OK Tap water isn't expensive but you could save £/€35 a year using our toothbrush.

Even if you turn the tap on and off during brushing you can still save water and money.


We have a travel case, made from bamboo with all the environmental benefits as the brush has.