Quench.es invent and patent new products. To save the environment and peoples health 

Water recycling Washing Machines

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Our washing machines can filter,  clean, store and recycle the

wash cycle water.

Saving water, washing liquid and the environment. Also uses 60% less electricity and captures microfibers & micro plastics.

Water Saving Toothbrushes

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Our bamboo toothbrushes can hold water or mouthwash in the handle.

As you brush, the water or mouthwash flows to your mouth.

Can save your health on holiday.

As you can use bottled water or mouthwash. Preventing possible infection form local water.


              Hyper solar panels 

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We have developed a solar panel which is up to 20 times more powerful than conventional solar panels.

The average solar panels gives out say 250 to 300 Watts.

Our panels can give out 6,000 Watts for the same size panel.

This  really does change the world as we know it.

We are able to recharge electric cars without even plugging them in.....


They look just like blue glass.

But they produce 20 x more power

Most homes need just 1-2 panels

and no grid connection

You can even have them on your car roof. Then never run out of power for your electric car

No need to recharge your electric car...

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Baby's Dummy / Pacifier

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One of the most important products ever to be made.

A dummy/pacifier that keeps  a baby's nostrils clear

The dummy has a detachable part and a part that is a receptacle for a decongestant strip. Which is Eco friendly.

Made originally from plastic. We have now changed over to also be available in Bamboo. With all the benefits...

Such as anti bacterial, biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.

Plus if baby bites a teat, no need to throw away the dummy our teats are replaceable.

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Solar powered vending machines
 Cold or hot drinks 24/7 anywhere

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Reverses arthritis & injuries instantly, fat cells eliminated and much more

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